Tablecloth ‘Flower’ Pink/Ochre, Small



140 x 140 cm
100% Cotton


This tablecloth is made of a very soft but heavy cotton fabric. Blockprinted with a classic flower pattern. The fine pattern is contrasting with the rough-looking but supple cotton. Pattern colours: Dusky Pink and Ocher Yellow on an off-white base.

Care Instructions


Extra informatie

Gewicht 450 g
Afmetingen 140 × 140 cm

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Care instructions - Cotton 

Cotton should be washed at 30 C.
Avoid washing at higher temperature because of shrinkage and wear.
Also avoid washing at a lower temperature while the colour is fixed at that temperature and might run when washed too cold.

When the cotton in the product is very thin (like a summer scarf), it's best to put it in a washing bag to keep it from being worn out too soon.

Do not leave the fabrics to soak.
Iron at medium setting
Use a mild and natural detergent that contains no bleach.
Allow the textiles to air-dry in the shade, don’t put them in the dryer.