Velvet Cushions

Classic velvet with an antique gold printed Tree

Secret Garden Green Silk

A walk through a lush green secret garden

Shawl Pinstripe

Straight lines in a round dot

Shawl Infinity Terra

Desert colours match the ongoing Infinity pattern

Shawl Marigold khadi Blue

The white mud-resist pattern on the blue cotton was inspired by cyanotype photographic printing process

Tablecloth Infinity

Ochre and Seagreen collaborate so naturally in the sophisticated ‘Infinity’design

Flower on Khadi cotton

Refined classic design in simple colours on a handwoven khadi cotton


Shawl Pink City

Named after the beautiful city of Jaipur with its pink, orange and ochre colours.


Shawl Infinity Blue

A very refined, graphic pattern in dark blue. This design shows the great skills of the block maker.


Shawl Secret Garden Linen

A lovely linen summer scarf with a very refined botanical pattern. Inspired by chintz fabrics used in Dutch folkcostume.


Shawl Dots and Stripes

This transparent silk/cotton combination is called Chanderi silk. Fashionable light green stripes and golden dots.


Shawl Gold Dust

Little golden flowers, sprinkled on a very supple and lightweight silk in blue grey.




Shawl Marigold Light Blue

Botanical bliss. Light blue with an ochre coloured flower. Two varieties available: Strong, beautiful linen or soft, light cotton.